Business Broadband

Broadband/ADSL/FTTC are all based on the amount of speed and bandwidth you can achieve in your location.

Business connectivity is now of such importance to companies that we are regularly asked to check on what is available and achievable at premises BEFORE they sign up for their new office.

Speed/Bandwidth is dependent on the distance your office is from the nearest BT exchange, basically the further away you are the worse your business broadband is.

This is all down to the line losses that are incurred on the BT cable from the exchange to your premises.

To try and overcome these ‘losses’ BT introduced Fibre To The Cabinet (FTTC), this says exactly what its is and what it does.

With FTTC, BT have ‘moved’ the exchange to a roadside large green cabinet, so now the distance from your premises to the ‘new’ exchange is a lot less and as such the losses are vastly reduced, coupled with Fibre technology speeds approaching 80Mbs are being achieved.

Click here to check your possible line speeds and FTTC availability – ( opens new window and directs to BT Wholesale ADSL checker ).

Unsure what the figures mean – give us a call, we will be only too happy to help.