Line Installation

Business Phone Line Installation

Having access to the BT Wholesale ordering portal we can order new line installations of any type for your business directly, so we will plan, order and organise your new line installation to ensure the best possible outcome and a worry free installation.

There are 3 main types of lines that can be ordered and provisioned for your business:

Analogue lines – a simple line used for standard telephones, faxes, PDQ machines etc as well as for VoIP calls over the Internet.
– Analogue line installation only £85 + vat ( as of 1st July 2015 )

ISDN2e lines – comes as 2 circuits on 1 number as a minimum order, but being digital you can add numbers to this circuit giving more flexibility to your business.
ISDN2 line installation ( per 2 channels ) only £180 + vat ( as of 1st July 2015 )

ISDN30 – as ISDN2e this is a digital circuit, but comes with a minimum order of 8 channels.
ISDN30 installation – for 8 channels only £955 + vat ( as of 1st July 2015 )

Being an Ofcom registered company, with direct access to the BT Openreach network, we can schedule line installations to suit your requirements, so you can be assured that all line orders placed are actioned with fast lead times and with the best quality of service.

Our business phone line installation prices are extremely competitive and our Installations Team are on hand to manage the process from point of order, keeping you regularly informed throughout every stage of the installation.